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“Telehealth commutes to NYC during the week from a cabin in the woods. I’ve been using this time to run, create, learn and listen. Working in mental health with justice impacted clients forces you to create a delicate balance and prevent burnout. Striving to keep my head above water just as much as the next person.”

Lulu, (Buffalo via) New York, NY

5/6/2020 5:27pm

Alone, Together. Buffalonians nationwide.

Former collaborator and old friend Joshua Cozzo is one of those folks just inclined to help. Sees a situation, looks at what he can offer to make it better, and pushes go. In this COVID moment, mental health struggles came to mind. It’s not easy to be lonely and add the anxiety of a global pandemic to those feelings. With Together Buffalo, he’s created a platform for people to share and discuss their experiences in a few words, a few photos, a few short videos, void of the political and economic nonsense that overwhelms Facebook. It’s about more than sharing your own experience, but also feeling together and in solidarity with others like you, and fundraising: For every submission received, Together Buffalo will donate $2 to The Mental Health Advocates of Western New York.

I’ll catch it when it peaks.

“I’m feeding my sourdough starter that my neighbor upstairs graciously gave me. I have tried to bake bread with it 4 times now but keep missing it at its peak and it sinks during the “float test”…today is the day though, by tomorrow I’ll have a loaf of bread, I can feel it.”

Kate, (Buffalo via) Rochester, NY

5/3/2020 4:46pm

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Finding a balance.

“Our dining room table has been converted to my temporary office. Trying to balance both my professional responsibilities and be a stay at home dad has been no easy task. It most certainly has its peaks and valleys. My motto has always been since the beginning of this pandemic is “we will get through this together”.”

Dave, Kenmore, NY

5/1/2020 1:33pm

Lost in a book.

“Reading has been my favorite way to pass the time. There have been ups and downs, but getting lost in a good book settles my mind.”

Bridget, Buffalo, NY

5/7/2020 11:37am