We introduced you to great friends, and founders of Two Guys Good Buys, Tyler Annalora & Frank Fina back in April.


“We represent a curated collection of vintage clothing based on functionality. Since its conception, the twoguysgoodbuys collection has consisted of only the best hand-selected, time-tested clothing.

After setting up at local flea markets in Buffalo NY, the interaction with people was a great motivation to grow beyond the web… The idea to take everything and pack it into a van to travel the country came shortly after.”


They’ve been on the road meeting people and taking incredible photos since then, and they are now contributing to our blog with some stories from their experience for your viewing and reading pleasure. This is the latest installment of “On The Road”:

– – –

May 2016 – Autumn and Karl



We met a few weeks ago searching for an unmarked trailhead to Panther Creek alls some 150 miles northwest of here. And now we are on the majestic Oregon coast. Today is Thursday, these things really happen.

The embrace was mutual. How couldn’t it have been. It was obvious we were all here for a reason.

So, we sat. We shared stories and ideas. The afternoon is refreshing, energizing, and inspiring..

Around dusk we take our separate ways. For a short time we shared a moment which wont be soon forgotten.

Good times on the western front.

April 2016 – The Whale


This morning, the comforting feeling  of sleeping in was constant & ever nagging.   8:20am I hesitate, it is Sunday, that still counts for something.  Exit the command post and without delay the day is altered indefinitely.

“Hey! You see that whale!”

Clear as day

There it was, a huge white whale. Could have been a great white, I don’t know.

Up it came to the surface, and down it went.Then right back up, like a real show off. After a few long moments, the mammoth dove back down to the dark depths of the ocean.

I guess it is true, nature does call in the morning…

10:44AM – The Teepee


I reflect on my day from inside a driftwood teepee on Manzanita beach… I look up in aw of past days, and most recent privileges. Inscribed on the 2 support beams are todays words to remember “Life is good”& “You’re great”

Seattle – Rick Fremont:

What a day. It started off slow, hardly any inquiries let alone sales..  And yet, traffic was moving, the people were out.

The anxiety is setting in and I am getting antsy. More caffeine is the remedy. Off I go in search of a fix, in hopes of returning to our first sale of the day. Frank is manning the table with both hand hands, eyes, and ears. You never know at these things.

Not half way up the block in the opposite direction of coffee I stumble on Rick’s lawn sale. This is the place you (I) want to be. Heaps of Crap everywhere: mounds of denim, old t shirts, bags, rugs, tapestries, and blankets are littered across the lawn and falling off tables…

Two critical purchases took place that day and each told me a little about rick.

Purchase 1: negotiated 70/s80s Pabst promotional t shirt for cold Pabst – $1.67 at the local bodega spot. It took longer to navigate with directions than to decide on a price. This broke the ice and made it clear rick was ready to sell.

Purchase 2: Filson Wool Cape Jacket, common to Seattle locals with disposable income, nevertheless an elusive piece rarely found in our moves. Rick had 4, 5, 6 some older & more rustic than others. I only wanted 1.

Needless to say Rick got his beer, I learned where to buy cheap beer, the deal went down with both parties satisfied and a little buzzed.

Every once in a while, its time to buy when your ready to sell. And whether its coming or going, a day late and a dollar short, remember those that were generous when you least expected it.