Warning: You may want to quit your job and travel across the country with your best friend after this Feature Friday with twoguysgoodbuys, who we met last winter at a holiday pop-up. Hell, I can’t even finish Kerouac’s On The Road without wanting to drop everything, stick my thumb out and head west. So putting this article together has also been a challenge, but a fun one nonetheless! Check out two Buffalonians, Tyler Annalora & Frank Fina, who have created a business that revolves around travel and adventure.

Additionally, Tyler and Frank are going to become regular contributors to Rise. Sharing the photos and stories of their adventures around the country every few weeks. After meeting them, stick around! Your fellow members of the WNY Instagram community keep producing really beautiful and interesting photos despite the weather. Join the fun by tagging and exploring #RiseBFLO.

Playlist notes: Here is the short list of recent van jams. We set off on the road with our familiar bands & artists and quickly found broader horizons. These songs were gathered by way of new friends, bonfires, and fellow caravaners befriended on our journey thus far. Every song is epic in its own right, and each one is listened to on the regular. Grab a six pack, kick back, and vibe out.



We’re great friends and founders of @twoguysgoodbuys. We started the business in November of 2013 online via Etsy.com.

We represent a curated collection of vintage clothing based on functionality. Since its conception, the twoguysgoodbuys collection has consisted of only the best hand-selected, time-tested clothing.

After setting up at local flea markets in Buffalo NY, the interaction with people was a great motivation to grow beyond the web… The idea to take everything and pack it into a van to travel the country came shortly after.

With this idea came many obstacles, and a few sacrifices to be made.. These were, however, inconsequential when compared to the opportunity at hand. More writing, more camping & hiking, more landscapes & photography, more bicycling, more friends, and more clothes too!

So, after purchasing & converting our Chevy Express van into a camper, we departed November 29, 2015. The plan is to continue growing the TwoGuys collection as we travel; acquiring new items and pushing the idea of sustainability in fashion. Camping and hiking is also in the forefront having already explored Big Bend national park, Seguaro National park, Joshua Tree, Big Sur, and, the Humbolt Redwood state park, and Olympic National Park.

Fernandina Beach FL

Weekend warriors with fulltime jobs. TwoGuysGoodBuys was started with $100 bucks. We planned for this, did our research, and made sure it would be a success by taking our time. After two years of preparation we were ready to take the the leap and hit the road. Here we are.

Be an advocate for change and lead by example; encourage others to pursue their passions. Our passion lies in creating a sustainable lifestyle in order to live and travel full time. Twoguysgoodbuys was the catalyst that showed us this idea was possible. Our passions work intermittently, one propelling the other. This allows us to never overlook the short term and stay true to ourselves in the long run.

Guadalupe Mountains TX

Build and establish a country wide network for vintage clothes sourcing.
Create and showcase good content.
We have already had the privilege of meeting a few rad dudes in which we have collaborated with. Did a photo shoot in the Mojave Desert with @loganleggs and are working on further collaborations. Also, while in San Diego, we linked with Dylan of @myamericandreamtour for a recent podcast about Vanlife. Check it out on Soundcloud at link: soundcloud.com/modernnomads

National Park Centennial Tour.
2016 is the National Park Services 100th Birthday! Climb more.. First time rock climbing in Joshua Tree will create a habit. Lots of fun and cool community of people. Take as many photos as possible. To create a portfolio of photographs that will last well past our lifetimes. To be the old men with stories to tell. A life of substance.

Fernandina Beach FL 2

Conversation is good. It often results in new places to see, areas to shop, coordinates to little known gems, and the best camp spots. There is an overwhelming sense of community when traveling. We share stories, experiences, & close calls. What’s mine is yours; water, food, booze, and best practices (slow moving Winebego w/ a back ladder is asking for it. Get up & surf that thing!). 

Camp Vibes are real.
Having Traveled over 2,500 miles across the United states, never did I think making friends would be so natural. Not flakey friends, the ones you share a bonfire with, make morning coffee with, and plan future travels with. We spent 3 weeks in San Diego and befriended some rad dudes Dylan @myamericandreamtour, Steve @wolfman_extreme and Matt Bernhardt. With a similar outlook on life we connected immediately. Camped together in Joshua tree and spent countless days chilling hard in Pacific Beach.

Another straight shooter in San Diego, Anthony or Tony @igotpolo was a great asset to have. He reached out to us when we were passing through and gave us the beta on buying vintage in the area. Let us shop his storage space and hooked it up for us.

Big Bend

Big Bend South West Texas we hiked the Outer Rim trail and met another hiker about half way through the 12 mile trek. Her name was Jaqueline and she had a charismatic nature about her. Also living and traveling in a van we exchanged contacts and continued with our hike. Less than 2 weeks later we were together again in San Diego, California, 1,000 miles from where we first met. We introduced her to the friends we had met and the following weekend we all took a trip to Joshua Tree National Park. We camped, cooked & ate meals together, had bonfires, and climbed for the first time.

Oh ya, and don’t be afraid to ask for help, advice, or the local dive bar.

On to the great ‘grams!

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