Our friends and No Boundaries 1 & 2 sponsors, Dave Horesh and Brett Mikoll of Oxford Pennant and The Victory Gardens have introduced a new way to storefront – limited edition runs. Last fall, they opened for a few weeks before the holidays, with all offerings on the shelves being the only time you’d see them. The store closed on its scheduled date around New Year’s and began to strip everything down to reinvent. Now, according to plan, they’re reopening with an entirely new space and offerings.

“With this store, we wanted to take the concept further and use the room that we’re in as an immersive space to complement the new products as a new experience. Last time it was a regular room with cool products, now it’s a cool room with cool products,” says Brett Mikoll, who’s been slaving away creating a space previous visitors won’t recognize.

There’s an opening party tomorrow (Saturday 5.20) 6P – 9:30P, open to the public. Get down and join us to party!

Until the beginning of July, the story will be open 12-8, Monday – Saturday.

#RISEmyFlag Winners: @tannergelatt and @inthebuffblog

We ran a contest this week asking you to grab any flag, any pennant, get out there and do something fun with it – – we got some great submissions and definitely want to get some more hashtag contests going soon. Winners received $25 to the store and a pennant of their choice. Great shots – getting out and doing some creative shoots with flags of your own. You can come to the party Saturday, or DM us your email from your IG account and we’ll get you details.

Liberty & Statler & Buffalo. #RISEmyflag #risebflo

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Congrats to @oxfordpennant & @thevictorygardens ✨ I can’t wait to see the new space! #RISEmyFlag ????????

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Here’s the rest of the Best!!

Thanks for your submissions! We took into account those that were created after the contest was announced, and looked for some creativity in how you captured and flew your flag. More to come so be ready! You’re all winners in a way, because there’s food and drinks and a party to attend at the shop!

Look Up #RISEmyflag #igersbuffalo #risebflo #travelbuf ⚡️⚡️????

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#RISEMYFlag @risecollaborative #Resist

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#boats #buffalony #bikeferry #warships #mycity #igersbuffalo #RISEmyflag

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These two need a sit down.

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RedWhiteBlue -Elmwood Village #igersbuffalo #travelbuf #risebflo #RISEmyflag

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I laughed a lot before @gothamcitay got this shot. But my hair looks good. #risebflo #RISEmyflag

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