(Please note: This UNISEX T-shirt is pre-order only. Sales will close on Thursday June 28. Materials will be shipped from California by July 5. Shirts will be printed in Buffalo and shipped back out on Monday July 9.)

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Rise Collaborative and Positive Approach Press of Buffalo have teamed up to produce a shirt that allows you to support those immigrants seeking asylum and building new lives in our country in two ways:

100% of sales will go to the ACLU

“The constitutional protections of due process and equal protection apply to everyone in the United States, including non-citizens – even those not here lawfully. However, politically disenfranchised immigrants are an especially vulnerable group and are routinely denied these basic rights embodied in our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Eroding the fundamental rights of immigrants is dangerous for us all. When the government has the power to deny legal rights and due process to one group, all Americans’ rights are severely threatened.”

Stand in solidarity with our immigrant neighbors, family and friends
Unless your family is Native American, we’re all immigrants, no matter how many generations apart from emigration you stand. Dehumanizing language like “illegals” “animals” “infest” and worse will not be tolerated any longer. Wear this shirt to show you know immigrants are positive contributors to our economy, our culture and our character.