IMG_0137-1Watch out…new views on Richmond may cause an accident(s). There’s no chance you’re passing by and not staring longingly at the massive quilt installation proudly displayed on Richmond Ferry Church. It’s all part of the Albright-Knox’s latest public art initiative – Spectral Locus by Brooklyn-based artist Amanda Browder aka BrowderTown. The installations will hang at three buildings across the city: Richmond Ferry Church, 950 Broadway and Clifton Hall. With the heavy traffic on Richmond Ave., Elmwood Villagers and West Siders are buzzing about the Richmond Ferry location… there are already hundreds of photos on Instagram sharing the love for Spectral Locus.

Cool, So Why Should You Care?

Spectral Locus signifies community. Nearly 300 volunteers helped Browder in sewing the incredible quilts. Browder and the Albright-Knox hosted public sewing days throughout Western New York where people brought their skills and chipped away at mountains of recycled fabric. This community-minded project aligns extremely well with where it hangs – Richmond-Ferry Church (RFC). We told you about RFC a few months ago – it’s currently being transformed into a multipurpose arts campus. The community is a driving force behind this transformation, with a team consisting of all local developers, artists, designers, consultants, and construction companies. As the beginning of this project underway, it’s pretty fitting that there’s a building-sized quilt drawing attention to the multi-million dollar project.


Social Frenzy

What’s more awesome than taking a picture of a church wrapped in colorful fabric? This week, nothing. Keep on tagging #SpectralLocus and #AKPublicArt to get those photos out there! And of course, don’t forget #RiseBFLO for a chance to win on Feature Friday. We’re blown away with some of your shots and picked a few of our favorites. Word on the street is that if you go to RFC right at sunset, Spectral Locus glows and you’ll get that perfect picture.


Amanda Browder’s Spectral Locus. And a rainbow. #spectrallocus

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Stumbled upon this today… #aliceinwonderland #spectrallocus #neatstuff

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The fantastic #spectrallocus brought to you by the mind of @browdertown #albrightknox #amandabrowder

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Spectral Locus | 2016 by Amanda Browder The view from here | No. 1

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I’m such a sucker for anything rainbow

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