Established in 2014, Rise Collaborative is a Buffalo-based media, promotions, events and apparel company. Our young audience doesn’t watch TV – we connect directly to them everywhere else.

We use No Boundaries magazine, videos, photos, our blog, and the “Lifted by Rise Collaborative” podcast series to tell stories of the people, artists, neighborhoods and communities that are changing for the better, and produce promotional content for large and small businesses and nonprofits throughout Western New York.

Rise apparel sales have commissioned local artists and revenue has benefited organizations like The International Institute of Buffalo, Jericho Road Community Health Center, The ACLU and more.

Thousands of people have joined the fun at Rise Collaborative dance parties, from 2016 and 2017’s 90s Rise Again Halloween, to the revival of Shock and Awe and La Luna inside a warehouse, Silent Discos and more. Mark your calendar for Saturday October 27, 2018 when Rise Halloween returns, this year at Town Ballroom in Buffalo.

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Thank you for your support of Rise Collaborative over the past four years. As we prime for growth in the coming years, our active audience watching, reading, and listening to our content, wearing our apparel, and showing at our events is the reason we’re here today.

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“Don’t watch TV (#DNTWTCHTV)” – Rise Contributor, Truey V