A week after the Snowvertime Miracle in Orchard Park, the Dolphins Head North to take on the Bills in what is, for all intents and purposes, an early playoff game at New Era Field. Jay Cutler’s rocking the beard to prove it.

After dismantling the Patriots on Monday Night Football to win their second straight, The 6-7 Dolphins aren’t the pushover they seemed just a few weeks ago. In fact, they’re playing some of their best football of the season, and there’s even talk of playoffs in South Florida.

As for the Bills, QB Roulette has landed on Tyrod Taylor this week. He’s had success against the Dolphins in recent history, but this offense continues to be fueled by LeSean McCoy.  Can they muster enough out of the offense to keep playoff hopes alive?  And how will the defense slow down the suddenly formidable Dolphins offense?

Get your head in the game with Week 15 of The Hurry Up!

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