This episode is about training dogs and this is the content we’re here for, ok?

Nuggs is a dog. He was picked up by the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter as a stray. His hobbies include shaking toys, crunching on bones really loudly, and going on fun walks.  Nuggs is accompanied by a human, Julie, who is a volunteer with the Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. Julie tells the story of how she started the Train-a-Bull Program – a program designed to help dogs like Nuggs find a home.

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S2, Ep4: Train-a-Bull Dogs / Trainable Dogs. Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter

To find out more about the Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter visit their website, here, or find them on Facebook, here.

Update on Nuggs

That’s Nuggs. Check out those eyebrows. (Photo courtesy of Friends of the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.)

Since recording the episode, Julie gave us an update on how Nuggs is getting along. He hasn’t found a home yet, which obviously isn’t the best situation – he’s been without a home since January 2019. But there is some good news: Nuggs has found a foster home with another rescue group called “Be Their Voice Rescue.” So although he doesn’t have a home of his own yet, Nuggs is now out of the shelter environment and will have some space and time to decompress and get a little extra attention before he is eventually ready to be listed for adoption.

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